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Talent Pool

Are you that new talent we are looking for? Feel free to drop your Demo!

Cruise Control studios invest support and exploits talent in the highest way possible. We are able to provide this service thanks to knowledge, experience, network and a successful team of composers & (senior) producers.
The pool is as talented as diverse. We operate in numerous layers within the music industry and work together with beginning artist as well as ‘Champion league players’

Please fill in the form and drop your demo by clicking the link below. Help us to get to know you a little by telling something about yourself; where are you from? Who inspired you to get involved in music, are you planning on releasing anything soon? Have you already scheduled to perform on a cool spot? What are your goals and dreams?

There’s no such thing as finding amazing talent. If you are ready for the next step, we are more then curious to listen. We are full aware of all the effort you put in a new track and we will do our very best to respond. Please note that we receive a significant amount of demo’s every day. Since a Demo deserves all the respect and time to be heard carefully a friendly request to stay patient, within 3 weeks you’ll receive a response.



Cruise Control Studios

Rokin 75 (basement)
1012 KL Amsterdam