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RENTAL questions? Please visit our Rental FAQ page.

Are you a management agency?

No we are not a management agency. We do however have a great network with magnificent managers. If you are contracted to a management agency you are still welcome to drop your demo.


Can I also send my track to other companies?

Not within the first 2 months. We have a first option on the demo from the moment you submit it.


Can I place the demo on my social media channels as well?

No please keep it a secret so if we release the track it will come with a big bang.


Can I remove my Demo drop?

No, Please read our terms and conditions carefully.


Can we drop a demo as a group?

Sure you can! Please make sure that no one in the group is contracted or signed to a label.  In this way we can keep the process running smoothly.


Do you automatically sign me and my track once I submit?

From the moment you submit your track there will be a period of two 2 months to decide if we’ll release your track or not. After this period you are free to shop your track elsewhere, unless discussed otherwise.


Do you listen to Demos daily?

Yes we do!


How can I get in touch with you?

Kindly email us at We try to read all emails that come in. If we don’t get back to you within a 3 day period, we are more than likely not interested in your material. Please do not message us on social media. We do not accept any submissions sent to our Facebook or Instagram.


How often can I upload a track?

One demo a week, and please keep in mind that we believe in quality over quantity.


If I drop a Demo when will I get a response back?

We are more than curious to listen to your demo and are fully aware of all the effort you put in a new track. Please note that we receive a significant amount of demo’s each day. We believe that your Demo deserves all the respect and time to be heard. We kindly request you to stay patient for a minimum of 3 weeks.


The terms & conditions say you have an option on managing me and my publishing. Why?

Cruise Control Studios is more then just an recording studio. We work together with an amazing team of professionals and we can’t wait to share our knowledge to create beautiful things with (young) talent. We also house fest a record label and offer the possibility to licence music through Cruise Control Studios. We believe in connecting people and share knowledge and creativity, together we make the difference. Kindly mention in your application if you’re already contracted or signed to other parties.


What kind of release can I get?

We offer two types of releases. Soft  release: A preview release of your song to a limited audience prior to the general public. Full release: A release of your song to a wider audience.



Cruise Control Studios

Rokin 75 (basement)
1012 KL Amsterdam