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Do you want to book studio time
at Cruise Control Studios?
Do you want to book studio time
at Cruise Control Studios?
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Cruise Control Studios was founded in 1989, currently located at the Rokin 75, a former nuclear shelter in Amsterdam. Cruise Control Studios houses 5 advanced recording studios that meets all needs of production. Our studios are professionally equipped in a home environment where artists can create hit records in a comfortable and spacious setting.

Cruise Control Studios invest, support, and exploit new talent in the highest way possible.

Cruise Control Studios is staffed by a team of dedicated and passionate professionals with over 50 years of experience. The team is specialized in recording, mixing, mastering and producing (dance) music, whilst supplying the perfect platform for collaboration and cross-fertilization. The plug and play studio’s are well equipped, as well as designed for flexibility and comfort. Cruise Control Studios is also perfect for music and video productions, post productions and commercial voice overs.

We aim to reach an extraordinary experience while cherish creativity and good vibes.


Cruise Control Studios

Rokin 75 (basement)
1012 KL Amsterdam
t: +31 (0)6-849 292 24